I started my journey with Clear Camps in 2006.  My desire was to serve the Lord and I knew He wanted me to give a summer to Him.   Little did I know that I would continue to travel each summer for the next nine years and eventually move to Shreveport to work on staff in the Clear office.  

A lot has happened between then and now- I graduated college and worked four years as a Middle School choir director.   And yet, through it all, my desire has remained the same- to serve the Lord and stay true to His calling.

The transition this past year from full-time teaching to full-time ministry has been quite the adventure.  I’ve learned a whole lot- that’s for sure.  And I find myself in a place that I haven’t been in awhile.

While in college, I was blessed by so many people who were willing to invest in me and graciously donated towards my summer missions.  After I graduated and had a teaching job, the Lord allowed me to be able to sustain myself through the summer by saving during the school-year.

Now I find myself back in the position of needing assistance.  I’ll admit, I debated with myself for several months about actually creating a GoFundMe account or sending out letters.  Why?  Because when you go from a place of being self-sustaining to a place of needing assistance, it kinda feels like a set-back.  

But, I finally realized that it’s not a set-back at all.  I am so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to serve the Lord in ministry full-time, and with that comes the need to rely on others.  

I am exactly where the Lord wants me to be.  And as long as I stay right where He wants me, I haven’t taken any steps backward.  

And so, I am putting it out there- I’m humbling myself before the Lord and before man and asking for people to partner with me in ministry.  Mainly in prayer, but if you or someone you know is able to donate money towards my summer travels with Clear Camps, I would so very much appreciate it.  
Online giving is available for Alice is available on the home page of this website. Please be sure to designate the Gift for Alice Lothman.